About BetzBuilt

BetzBuilt Ltd is part of the Betts Group a long-established and innovative product design company based in the heart of Suffolk.

We handle every aspect of the product development process from idea to building and as such, we are always looking for the best way to solve our customer's problems and improve our products.

Our philosophy is based on one simple principle - products should be designed to last.

BetzBuilt furniture

We like the idea of flexible solutions. We have designed a range of furniture & accessories with many different uses in mind, from desks that grow with a child, to storage solutions for any type of maker or enthusiast. BetzBuilt furniture packs flat so is super easy to travel or move with. 

Our wedge designs are inspired by traditional woodworking techniques employing friction and precision to provide secure and stable joints.

Not only does this approach do away with the need for any kind of, plastic, metal or wood fixings but it also means that breaking the furniture down and rebuilding it is a simple and enjoyable process.



We use FSC certified birch plywood which is currently sourced from Latvia. Our products are made to order which eliminates the need for stock. Our wedges are made in house from repurposed wood floor boards. We also endeavour to not waste any timber in our cutting process, & have designed a range of small items which are cut from left over timber.