How to use Pinterest as tool for a home makeover.

How to use Pinterest as tool for a home makeover.

Redesigning a home can be an exciting but overwhelming experience. With so many design ideas and inspiration out there, it's easy to feel lost and unsure of where to start. Creating mood boards are a very helpful starting point to a redesign. Pinterest is one of our favourite online resources to use for this purpose.

Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows you to discover and save ideas on any topic, from fashion and food to home decor and DIY projects. Here are some tips on how to use Pinterest to redesign your home:

  1. Create boards for each room Start by creating boards for each room you plan on redesigning. This will help you organize your ideas and keep everything in one place. For example, you could have a board for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.
  2. Search for inspiration Use Pinterest's search feature to find inspiration for your home redesign. You can search for specific keywords like "modern living room decor" or "rustic bedroom ideas". You'll be presented with a wide range of images and ideas to choose from.
  3. Save your favourite pins When you find a pin that you like, save it to the appropriate board. You can also add notes to each pin to remind yourself why you saved it or how you plan on incorporating the idea into your home.
  4. Create a mood board Once you've saved a number of pins, create a mood board for each room. A mood board is a visual representation of the design elements you want to include in a space. Use the images you saved on Pinterest to create a cohesive look for each room.
  5. Get feedback from others Pinterest also allows you to share your boards with others, so don't be afraid to ask for feedback from friends or family. You might get some great ideas or suggestions that you hadn't considered before.

We have been using Pinterest for several years & have found it extremely useful when it comes to creating your vision for your redesign. With its vast collection of images and ideas, it’s easy to find inspiration for any room in your home. Follow our BetzBuilt Pinterest account for some interiors inspiration.




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