Camping Furniture for those summer days

Camping Furniture for those summer days

With summer almost upon us, the time has come to dust off that camping gear & get ready for some adventures in the great outdoors. When it comes to camping furniture, there are several essential items that can enhance your outdoor experience and provide comfort during your camping trip. Here are some  camping furniture options:

  1. Camping Chairs: Folding camping chairs are lightweight, portable, and designed to be easily set up and packed away. Look for chairs with sturdy frames and comfortable seating for relaxation around the campfire or at the campsite.

  2. Camping Tables: Portable camping tables are useful for preparing and enjoying meals, playing games, or simply providing a surface to keep items off the ground. Check out our flatpack Betzbuilt table. It comes flatpack, is super easy to assemble & can easily accommodate  4 people in a civilized fashion. Our table looks really cool & is really sturdy unlike other flimsy camping tables.

  3. Camp Stools: Camp stools are compact, lightweight seating options that are convenient for situations where you have limited space or need a quick and easy seating solution. Our Betzbuilt stools pack totally flat, are easy to assemble & look really stylish

  4. Campsite Cooking Stations: If you plan to do a lot of cooking at the campsite, a camping cooking station can be a great addition. These usually consist of a sturdy frame with multiple surfaces for cooking, food preparation, and storage.

  5. Hammocks: Hammocks are a popular camping furniture item for relaxation and sleeping. They are lightweight, portable, and can be set up between trees, providing a comfortable and elevated place to rest.

  6. Portable Camp Beds: Portable camp beds or cots offer an elevated sleeping surface, providing insulation from the ground and extra comfort. They are typically foldable and easy to transport.

  7. Campsite Storage: Campsite storage options such as portable closets, storage bins, or hanging organizers can help keep your camping gear and personal belongings organized and easily accessible.

  8. Portable Camp Showers: For extended camping trips or locations without shower facilities, a portable camp shower can be a convenient addition. These showers are designed to be easily filled with water and provide a refreshing bathing experience.

  9. Campsite Lighting: While not furniture in the traditional sense, campsite lighting is essential for convenience and safety. Consider lanterns, headlamps, or string lights to illuminate your camping area.

Happy camping guys!

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